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Introduction of SDS

The School of Data  Science(SDS) was established on May 25, 2017. It is an undergraduate  college jointly established by Guizhou Institute of Technology and  Alibaba Group. SDS focuses on the major development strategies of the  country and Guizhou province, is guided by "serving regional economic  development and meeting the needs of industries", and aims to build a  "regional first-class, well-known in China". SDS comprehensively  cultivates high-quality applied talents who "master basic theories,  proficient in technical methods, and innovate industrial applications".
The operating model  of SDS is "college-enterprise cooperation, integration of production and  education, and collaborative education". SDS strives to build  "innovation, Demonstration, leading, industry benchmark" characteristic  industry college.
SDS now has 44  faculty members, 11 of which hold a doctoral degree, 2 of which are PhD  candidates, 1 of which is professor, 16 of which are associate  professors,and 12 of which come from cooperative enterprises. Up to now,  SDS currently has 1,353 undergraduates, with four undergraduate  programs: "Data Science and Big Data Technology", "Network Engineering",  "Intelligent Science and Technology" and "Cyberspace Security".
SDS owns two  scientific research platforms supported by the Guizhou Province, namely  the "Key Laboratory of Electric Power Big Data of Guizhou Province" and  the "Internet+ Industrial Technology Research Institute of Guizhou  Province " respectively. Moreover, SDS owns key supporting disciplines  "Computer Application Technology" and first-class undergraduate program  "Data Science and Big Data Technology" supported by the Guizhou  Province. Finally, "Big Data Science and Technology" is the  characteristic discipline group construction project supported by  Guizhou Institute of Technology.

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